Please note: This is a sponsored review

On my daily visit to I learnt about the start of, a service where you can earn money by posting reviews of vertain services or websites.
During the last months I have been quite curious about the blogging community and professional blogging and so I decided to give it a try and sign on. Signing up is very easy, I needed to provide only some very basic details like username, desired password and email address to get an account. Inside the account the first step is to add a blog which requires the blogname, url, feed url and a short description. It says that you will have to wait for the blog being accepted but my application was accepted immediately, perhaps this works by checking pagerank or technorati or something. will set a price your postings are worth which ranges somewhere between $30 and $200 which means a payout of $10 to $100 for each post because keeps 50% for itself. I think that is a lot of money they are tinking just for providing the platform and technology! Now you can either wait for the first advertiser asking you to review his product or write a review of To push the start of the platform they are asking every member to write a review.
To get to know how the process of reviewing works I accepted this offer and am now writing this review. After accepting you have 48 hours to produce a review with at least 200 words and submit the post url to The post is not required to be positive, if someone asks you to review a bad service it’s his own fault ;-) And of course if you don’t like to review something you don’t have to - each offer has to be accepted manually, there is no need to write anything. is not really a new idea but just the newest incarnation of the pay-per-post idea. In the past there have been some services that did not pay out correctly or went bankrupt quite fast and I hope that does a better job of attracting advertisers, paying out bloggers and staying alive.

I find the idea of getting money for product or website reviews quite intriguing and a good way to earn money as long as you are allowed to be critical. And it’s also a good thing that reviewme requires all members to clearly mark such reviews as “sponsored” or “paid”. To make this clear for I will not only mark future sponsored posts with an extra notice but also add them to the “Sponsored Reviews” category.

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