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I’ve just set up a survey at Sourceforge to find out, what features you’d like to see next in MRTG-eth-probe. You can find the survey over here: (A sourceforge login prompt will show up, after logging in you will be redirected to the survey page)

Much has happend since my last posting about mrtg-eth, so I would like to provide you with a small up-to-date info on the project.

In the meantime mrtg-eth-probe has been listed on Freshmeat ( and even on SecurityFocus (I don’t have an URL for this, but you can find it using Google). Some people have subscribed to new releases and there has been a total number of 1745 Downloads via Sourceforge until today. Thanks for this go to Freshmeat, for accepting the project. As you can see in the View/Download statistics on sourceforge ( each new release note published on Freshmeat pushed the access numbers up. Though at the moment mrtg-eth-probe is stalled, because I don’t know of any missing functions and it works quite fine for me. For some weeks I haven’t received any mails about bugs or missing functions and thus it seems to me, that you like the program as it currently is. But of course I appreciate any mails regarding the project!

Currently I am spending part of my spare time programming a perl script which I have named mrtg-eth. This tiny program makes it possible for the Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) to plot usage statistics for “normal” network interfaces that do not support SNMP. If you like the idea you can find the program in the download area or under