Last friday the filesystem on my notebook killed itself. After working an hour or so evolution was complaining that on of my subfolders was not a folder anymore. A look at the disk revealed that indeed the folder was now marked as a device and had an impressive filesize - what is a number with 14 digits called by the way?
As I needed a fast replacement a day of gentoo compiling was not an option and I decided to give Ubuntu another try. I must admit that I am impressed: right out of the box ubuntu used more features of my hardware than I had activated in three years with Gentoo. A fast setup with only seven clicks and being able to play mines all the way through the setup were a plus, too.
While I will definitely stick to Gentoo on server systems because I like the way I can configure everything with the help of vim, I have switched all my desktops to Ubuntu and enjoy being “only” a user and having a GUI for everything.