September 2007

Great letter to a radio personality with some questions on how to live up to the bible: Why can’t I own a canadian?

There are moments when you realize your are nerdy: I finally ordered a foldable bluetooth keyboard for my Nokia E65 mobile. It features a holder for the mobile so that you don’t have to put the phone beside the keyboard. I just hope it will fit into my trousers and I won’t have to carry around my sidekick to have ssh available. Now I only got to find a blog editor for j2me or symbian.

Spammers are sooo advanced. While I thought ocr for spamassassin would be a good idea to conquer text in images the nigeria scammers are already one step ahead: I just got the an appointment reminder that contains the well-known collect-the-millions-from-my-bad-former-government text in the appointment description.

QA Notice: Package has poor programming practices which may compile fine but exhibit random runtime failures.

That is the Gentoo QA teams opinion about app-arch/rpm2targz-9.0-r5.

node.d/df and df_inode plugins: Rewrite like the last 20 years of shell enhancments happened

(Found in the munin changelog)