I love the idea of downloading files with bittorrent and lowering the bandwidth usage of the original server. But the regular bittorrent client often did not work very well. Yesterday, after updating to bittorrent 5.x the graphical client stopped working at all. After startup it only showed a message telling me that the initialization failed. I tried to use the console client but it did not start the download (900kb in 2 hours…).
I started my search for a new client on gnomefiles.org, they have a list of bittorrent clients for gnome. Obviously I wanted a client that was available in gentoo and the last in the list, “transmission” was.

It has a very simple interface and does not allow in-depth configuration, but: it started the download within seconds and soon went up to 100kB/second. I couldn’t find any setting about the seeding and right now I am firewalled and cannot seed. Later - on a non-firewalled network - I will check if I can seed the download after it has completed.