January 2007

After moving to a new office a month ago I had to switch from wifi to an ethernet connnection. This lead to a very unfortunate effect: while the boot process was very fast in the office and with the ethernet cable attached, at home or when traveling part of the init process was delayed by 2 minutes waiting for the dhcp timeout on the disconnected ethernet port.
Today a friend pointed me to a (german) website about configuring wpa_supplicant on ubuntu and there I stumbled upon ifplugd.
Ifplugd is a small daemon that watches ethernet ports for indicators of a connected cable. If or when a cable is attached the interface is brought up.
On gentoo the installation is very straightforward: after emerging “ifplugd” it is automatically used for all ethernet setups. So when I now start net.eth0 it quickly forks ifplugd and continues with the boot process. In case the cable is connected the interface is brought up by ifplugd and all dependent services like cups and samba are started.

I just found this funny cartoon in Caydels blog:

Sudo Sandwich Cartoon
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Just minutes ago I have uploaded version 0.2 of Lingua::DE::TypoGenerator to CPAN. The new release fixes some perl warnings that I didn’t realize before.
When looking for sites mentioning the module I also learnt that it did not seem to work with ActiveState perl because it required at least perl 5.8.8. I have “downgraded” this requirement to 5.8.0 and hope to see it PASS soon.

You can install the module via cpan soon or download it directly here:

I love the idea of downloading files with bittorrent and lowering the bandwidth usage of the original server. But the regular bittorrent client often did not work very well. Yesterday, after updating to bittorrent 5.x the graphical client stopped working at all. After startup it only showed a message telling me that the initialization failed. I tried to use the console client but it did not start the download (900kb in 2 hours…).
I started my search for a new client on gnomefiles.org, they have a list of bittorrent clients for gnome. Obviously I wanted a client that was available in gentoo and the last in the list, “transmission” was.

It has a very simple interface and does not allow in-depth configuration, but: it started the download within seconds and soon went up to 100kB/second. I couldn’t find any setting about the seeding and right now I am firewalled and cannot seed. Later - on a non-firewalled network - I will check if I can seed the download after it has completed.

Some days ago I had a pc in front of me with windows xp prof installed - but nobody could tell me the passwords. Setting the system up from scratch was not a solution, a way to enter the system had to be found. Looking for a tool that could break or reset the xp password I found a great tutorial at linuxquestions.org.
The solution was very simple: First I burned an up2date knoppix and started it on the computer. Then I had to install chntpw via the knoppix pakcage manager - it is contained in the unstable packages and an update of the package db was required before. Fortunately ntfs capability is included in Knoppix and I could simply mount the windows partition readwrite. After that I located the file “SAM” that contains the windows passwords and reset the password to an empty one with “chntpw SAM”.