During the last years I’ve always used the console-based MP3c zu convert audio cds into mp3 files. Today I decided to give GNOME sound juicer a try. Encoding settings are stored system wide in “sound profiles”, but unfortunately GNOME by default does not have a profile for encoding mp3 files.

A short google search revealed the web page of Jacob who has a good explanation on how to add an mp3 profile to GNOME: From a console run “gnome-audio-profile-properties” and click the “New..” button. Name the new profile with something like “MP3 CD Quality” and click OK. Then select the new profile and click on “Edit”. Now for the GStreamer pipeline you enter:

audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc

and set the file extension to “mp3″. Then save the new profile and start up sound juicer. If the track names are not automatically recognized you can enter the album and title information. You might also want to check the preferences to see where and how sound juicer will generate the output files.

Finally click on “Extract” to start the ripping.