Since yesterday I’m a proud owner of a t-mobile sidekick II (also know as Danger Hiptop). I used to work with the previous model some years ago and was quite happy with it, so the second model was a logical choice.

Now I didn’t want to forward all my mails to the sidekick or fetch them via pop or imap (imap support on the sidekick is crap - it treats imap like pop and just fetches all mails, not syncing). A webmail client with pda interface was a logical choice and hastymail is such a solution: hastymail needs a simple webserver with php, ssl and imap support enabled and will then act as an imap client with web interface. Mobile clients like blackberry, sidekick etc. are automagically detected and get a simple small interface. It looked like the perfect solution and was installed in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately logging in didn’t work at all from the sidekick. Each login attempt was answered with the message “There was a problem with your login, please try again”. From a regular pc everything worked fine. An indepth look at the code brought a solution: for security reasons hastymail will identify the user with a combination of his ip-address and his user-agent. That’s a great idea unless you are accessing the web via a proxy-server pool - like all sidekick users do. If you can afford a slight security trade-off you can modify hastymail so that only the user-agent matters for identification:

In “lib/session.php” change line 151 to look like this:


And change line 360 as follows:

$_SESSION[’user_id’] != $_SERVER[’HTTP_USER_AGENT’]) {

This should do the trick and hastymail will now work fine from the sidekick.