June 2006

This morning I ordered a “mobility headset” from the skype webshop. Their price was really good, in fact I found no cheaper merchant for this headset on any price comparison engines I know. And now, only 5.5 hours after I posted my order they sent me a mail confirming that the order has been handed over to UPS for shipping! Thanks Skype, that’s a real fast service!

Just a few weeks after clicksettlement.com announced a big lawsuit against Google because of clickfraud, Google now invited selected publishers to join a new ad network that will pay only for results, not for traffic.
This means that Google is now directly competing against affiliate networks. I just wonder if Google is able to build up a business with such big need of support. Their current projects all require little to no support.

(Source: digg.com)

Skype has just posted a funny graph on their blog that shows the number of SkypeOut calls originating in Brazil on a day with a brazilian soccer match. Quite funny to see that brazil is virtually offline during the soccer matches.

Jajah has just announced that they will be offering free landline and mobile calls between all jajah users in most countries of the world. Whenever an active jajah-user calls the landline or mobile number of another active jajah-user the call is free.

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