Currently Awstats can only distinguish between visitors from the normal google websearch and the imagesearch. If you are operating a webshop you will probably want to split the websearch stats into goole and froogle. This is possible by adding froogle to the list of recognized search engines in awstats. While this is a simple process of just adding 4 lines to a perl file, you should keep in mind that after each update of awstats the process will have to be repeated.

Here is how to add froogle to awstats:

First locate “” (on a unix machine it is located inside /hostroot/cgi-bin/lib) and open it in you favorite text editor.

At the top of the file add froogle to the array “@SearchEnginesSearchIDOrder_list1″ right after like this:


Now do a search for “google_image”. It should appear three times in the file. After each of the lines containing “google_image” add a corresponding line for froogle:

No.1 in %SearchEnginesHashLib

'google_froogle','Google (Froogle)',

No. 2 in %SearchEnginesHashID


No. 3 in %SearchEnginesKnownUrl


That’s all, ready to go. After the next update run you should see Froogle-visitors listed as “Google (Froogle)” in your stats.