If you want to know what made me translate Pgmarket to German read this ;-)

The redesign of www.Wein-Espresso.de is nearing completion.
The website is based on Pgmarket 2.0.3-de, but has been enhanced with a simple content management system and an interface to Telecash, a German creditcard aquirer.
The CMS extends the menubar, which normally only contains a link to the homepage an the username, with several links. This gives one the ability to add extra information very easily.
If someone is interested in it and Marco agrees, I will perhaps complete that function to integrate it into purther Pgmarket-releases.

The order process has been changed slightly: Before processing your order you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of the website-owner (this is necessary for German webshops). The company login has been completely removed, but as a replacement a user can add a company name to his user-information.

Anything left out? Why don’t you find out: www.Wein-Espresso.de