February 2002

Several people mailed me, stating the phpWatermark doesn’t work for them, though they followed all instructions.
Well probably I should have stated more clearly (or at all?) that phpWatermark requires libgd support in your installation of php.

But this problems arises some questions for me, concerning the most needed advancements in phpWatermark. Currently I see three ways which could be followed for the next releases:

  • Better checking for required functions
  • imageMagick support (will also require netpbm or giflib)
  • Support for embedding images as a watermark (like company logos etc.)

This article contains a poll and I would really like you to vote for your most wanted next devel goal.
Thanks for using phpWatermark!

Thanks for all your downloads, comments and, first of all, for using phpWatermark. It’s great to see that someone is appreciating my work!

Of course phpWatermark is free for all uses - that’s why it’s published under the GPL license. But if you feel you should give something for using this class, either because you like it or perhaps you are even earning money with it, I would gladly accept a small donation via Paypal. Of course there are some ads on this websites, but obvously they don’t even pay the hosting costs.

phpWatermark 0.2 is ready for download.

What is phpWatermark?
phpWatermark is a php class aiming to provide a simple way of marking an image with a digital “watermark” to prevent unauthorized use.

What’s new?

The versions lets you decide, where the watermark should be put. You can define the position by choosing from nine pre-defined grid positions:


TL - Top left
TM - Top middle
TR - Top right
CL - Center left
C - Center
CR - Center right
BL - Bottom left
BM - Bottom middle
BR - Botton right

The current versions can be downloaded here:

Thanks you for using phpWatermark!

phpWatermark aims to provide a simple way of marking an image with a digital “watermark” to prevent unauthorized use.

Usage instructions are provided inside the package

Current features include:

  • Accepts either resources or filenames
  • Automatic choosing of best color for watermark text


  • TTF support
  • Support for watermark images (e.g. company logos)
  • Better checking of required functions
  • No more “die” instructions
  • Configurable overlay intensity

… to be continued …

You can download phpWatermark from here: Download phpWaterMark