Much has happend since my last posting about mrtg-eth, so I would like to provide you with a small up-to-date info on the project.

In the meantime mrtg-eth-probe has been listed on Freshmeat ( and even on SecurityFocus (I don’t have an URL for this, but you can find it using Google). Some people have subscribed to new releases and there has been a total number of 1745 Downloads via Sourceforge until today. Thanks for this go to Freshmeat, for accepting the project. As you can see in the View/Download statistics on sourceforge ( each new release note published on Freshmeat pushed the access numbers up. Though at the moment mrtg-eth-probe is stalled, because I don’t know of any missing functions and it works quite fine for me. For some weeks I haven’t received any mails about bugs or missing functions and thus it seems to me, that you like the program as it currently is. But of course I appreciate any mails regarding the project!